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G.E. Walker, Inc. helps healthcare providers in the Southeast find optimal solutions in the dynamic medical imaging market.

Our distribution agreements with leading manufacturers allow us to bring more competitive options and more technologies than any other single source.

After three decades of helping customers design analog solutions, and more recently transition to digital, we bring an unparalleled level of expertise, supported by uncompromising customer focus and strong integrity.

Our promise to you is better solutions through proven medical imaging technology that works in the real world.

Konica AeroDR

AeroDR is the easiest way to Achieve Digital workflow.

Neusoft NeuViz 16

In the pursuit of ever more accurate imaging procedures.

Alpinion ECUBE9 Ultrasound

The ALPINION E-CUBE series is transforming the field of diagnostic ultrasound, providing maximum value with its unique and reliable technological breakthroughs.

OpenMed Enterprise Pacs

OpenMed Technologies is a supplier of clinical software solutions to the healthcare community.

Agfa DX-D 100

Mobile and flexible direct radiography (DR) system offering excellent images that are immediately available.

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